what we believe


(Download the Williams Creek Baptist Church Statement of Faith)

What we believe at Williams Creek Baptist Church is not man-made, but has been revealed by God in His Word, the Bible.  Our Statement of Faith is a basic summary of biblical teaching that explains what we as a local church agree the Bible teaches about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, humanity, sin, the church, etc.  Additionally, these foundational doctrines serve to strengthen our unity in Christ.


(Download the Williams Creek Baptist Church Covenant)

To be a member of a local church is to be vitally engaged in the life and service of the living and breathing body of Christ.  Each member (follower of Jesus Christ) commits to the good of the overall body and the overall body commits itself to the good of every member.  Our church covenant is a set of promises that we make to one another as members of Williams Creek Baptist Church.  In keeping these promises, we strengthen and encourage one another, we serve and protect one another, and we strive together in the advance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has forever changed our lives and brought us together.


(Download the Williams Creek Baptist Church Constitution)

Our Church Constitution is a set of rules that sets forth how we govern and function as a church.  These are the procedures by which, among other things, we elect our leaders, add members to our church, remove members, and generally order ourselves as we seek to glorify God and encourage one another.